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15 June 2022

Easy and efficient

11 June 2022

Good service and attention to detail.

29 May 2022

Kept updated on delivery date personal face to face service

22 May 2022

Your always kept up to date with the progress of your car. Everything runs very smooth.

09 May 2022

Experience was very enjoyable and seamless.

03 May 2022

Well informed throughout the process and my questions were answered very efficiently.

29 April 2022

Once again with all the issues surrounding the world at the moment Dan was superb in keeping us informed on nay Delays and once the Mini arrived, got him speedily ready as we was so excited to get our first Mini.

24 April 2022

Dan at Rybrook mini listened to my requirements. Gave useful advice.

24 April 2022

Great service and nice touch unveiling the new car. Friendly service from receptionist to Jackie and the manager

24 April 2022

Kept up to date

11 June 2022

Very friendly staff

27 May 2022

Again good service overall quick to deal with all aspects of aftercare

26 May 2022

Ashley was great with picking up and returning my car

26 May 2022

Brilliant faultless service kept me updated all the time

21 May 2022

I was given the priority I needed and At all stages they gave me a heads up on what wa needed and how much it would cost

20 May 2022

Again, the work that has been done is brilliant and done in a timeley manner, I will defo be using mini in future for work on my cad

09 May 2022

Extremely friendly and professional service

09 May 2022

It was a major service so only every 2 years Good job with the price!!

03 May 2022

Staff were very friendly and professional and their communication excellent. After dropping the car off l simply waited for the service to be completed and they made a note that the car needed to be collected ASAP. This certainly helped.

02 May 2022

The service was precise and professional